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Croft Heys, Aughton

In one of the practice’s first commissions, Tom Black Architects were approached by a couple wishing to extend their home, the practice was initially instructed to obtain planning and building regulations approval for two separate single storey extensions at the front and the rear of their 1960’s detached house.

The front extension provides the property with a new vestibule and downstairs WC, whilst the rear extension provides the property with a generous amount of additional living space at the rear of the property from which the clients are able to enjoy their garden. Reconfiguration of the house’s existing dining room and kitchen results in an open plan kitchen and a lighter and more spacious dining area. The appearance of the front extension is designed to relate directly to the appearance of the existing house, whilst the rear extension is unified with the rest of the house via its new roof which also serves the garage. The large French windows in the rear wall of the extension also provide access onto a new timber decking in the garden.

The extension made a welcome improvement to the client’s home. The front extension afforded the client an additional buffer zone against the elements and a designated place to leave shoes and coats when coming home, while the rear extension provided them with a generous new modern kitchen and dining area. Handing the relationship of these two rooms from the original configuration of the house meant that the rear extension provided the owners with a more sensible relationship between house and garden.


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