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Mellor Crescent, Knutsford

At this property on a quiet suburban street in Knutsford, the client was looking to gain an extra room by converting the garage, whilst also making better use of the houses existing first floor accommodation. In addition to this, areas of mismatched brickwork where doorways and windows had been in-filled at various points in the past made the house appear a little untidy.

The project consisted of three main interventions; the conversion of the existing garage into additional habitable room space, the enlargement of an existing dormer at the rear of the property to capitalise on views of the open country at the rear of the property and the installation of two new bathrooms, one at ground floor and another at first floor. In addition to this, a number of minor alterations to existing structural openings were also carried out to rationalise this house and make it appear more coherent. Finally, the decision was made to render the exterior of the property to conceal the mismatched brick work that existed where a numerous windows and doorways had been made in the past.

The finished home alteration provided with home which significantly enhanced the usability of the original home they purchased. The new white render gave the house a more holistic appearance while the enlarged dormer and alterations to the existing loft conversion afforded the owners more useable space at first floor level. Finally, the interior decoration of the property gave the home a modern up to date feeling.


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